Whether you are cruising on a lake or fishing in the ocean, your boat and boat top closures need protection from damaging elements including sun, wind, and water. YKK North and Central America Group offers a variety of fastening products which add value and are sure to keep your boat top in ship shape condition. YKK’s MARINE MATES® zippers are a unique line of VISLON®zippers designed specifically to resist corrosion and add protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays, and they are available in a #8 and #10 size. YKK offers TA single pull and TX double pull automatic locking plastic sliders that are resistant to salt water. We also offer our SK50 stainless steel snaps, which come in a stud, socket and screw stud. The SK50 series has the strongest lateral shear strength in the industry, enabling your canvas to stay in place. Screw studs come in various screw lengths, and a self-drill and tap screw stud is available to eliminate the need for pre-drilling before installation.